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Dance Ensemble – Participation Agreement

The TTB Dance Ensemble is a repertory performing group for dedicated dance students who wish to advance their skills and gain additional performance experience.  The class focuses on developing dance works from classical to contemporary forms, in large or small groups or solo.

Participants are required to be taking at least two Ballet Technique classes at TTB, appropriate to their level, concurrent with Dance Ensemble enrollment, and are recommended to take Modern Dance and other classes offered at their respective Levels.

Attendance Requirements:

Attendance is most important, without full attendance the class cannot work as a whole; even one missing student can change the timing and the spacing of a dance.

Dancers need to be on time for all technique classes and Ensemble rehearsals in order to warm up properly and work safely. Please make an effort to be early in order to start on time and get the full benefit of the class or rehearsal time. If you are late for a technique class, you are expected to warm up with plies and tendus before joining the class in progress. Since no warm-up is given for Dance Ensemble, you are required to spend some time warming up before beginning rehearsal. All good dancers abide by this practice to avoid injury.

It is understandable that conflicts will arise with other activities at school and with other organizations, as well as family commitments. Ensemble members are permitted 2 excused absences - provided written notification is given at least 1 week in advance. If you are involved with any outside activity which may conflict with Dance Ensemble rehearsals and events, you are requested to provide your schedule with that group so we may best determine, if possible, how to schedule around your absences.

Emergency absences (illness, family emergency, etc.) will be considered on a case by case basis.

At the first rehearsal after an absence, it is your responsibility to work with other DE members to learn what you missed the previous week.

Excessive absences, for any reason may result in being taken out of a dance, in part or whole. If it is determined, just prior to a performance that you are not sufficiently prepared, you will not be permitted to perform at that event.


In addition to performing on TTB recitals, the Dance Ensemble performs at community events such as the Temple Terrace Fall Arts and Crafts Fair and relay For Life. Ensemble members understand that they are thus representatives of TTB, as well as the Temple Terrace Family Recreation Complex and the Community of Temple Terrace, and are therefore expected to exhibit appropriate behavior in order to present themselves and those organizations in the most positive light, and to be a positive role model for younger dancers.


The word ensemble means together, thus D.E. members should understand that they must:

Respect and cooperate with their fellow dancers in the Ensemble and all their dance classes;

Respect and cooperate fully with all directors, choreographers and adult supervisors;

Accept with equal enthusiasm any part or role given to perform in the Ensemble Repertoire;

When performing at events, support each other and be cordial to the other performers and event staff.

Always represent TTB and all its associates in a positive light through word and action.

Understand that failure to meet these requirements may result in exclusion from a performance, or dismissal from the Ensemble altogether.

In technique classes, inappropriate clothes make it difficult for the teacher to see the lines of the body.

For rehearsals, class attire (black leotard and pink tights) are not required, but appropriate dance attire is expected which allows free movement and is form-fitting. Overly revealing clothing such as short-shorts and loose t-shirts are not permitted unless tights and leotard are worn underneath.

It is necessary to have the shoes that will be performed in prior to performances. Dancers need to break in the shoes and learn to dance in the shoes they will use on stage.

Bring a water bottle to class. Hair back and out of eyes, this means bangs!


As a participant, I have read and ­­­­­­­agree to all the above stated objectives and conditions and understand that failure to meet these requirements may result in exclusion from a performance, or dismissal from the Ensemble altogether.


Dancer’s Name                                                                                            Date


As a parent I have read and ­­­­­­­agree to all the above stated objectives and conditions.  I understand that by being a member of Temple Terrace Ballet Dance Ensemble, my child is required to be at every scheduled performance. I further understand that failure to meet these requirements may result in exclusion from a performance, or dismissal from the Ensemble altogether, and that no re-imbursement of fees shall be given as a result.



Parent’s Name                                                                                             Date