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About Our School:
Founded in 1992, Temple Terrace Ballet is a community based dance school offering superior training in Classical Ballet. It is housed at the Temple Terrace Family Recreation Complex, thus making classes more affordable and at the reach of all who wish to learn about this art or become a serious dancer.

We offer a complete curriculum for students ages 2 years through adult including classes in Classical Ballet, Pointe, Modern Dance, Pas de Deux and Variations (solo repertoire). Dancers have the opportunity to perform at the end of our Fall and Winter/Spring sessions with performances at the University of South Florida Theatre. Dancers are also invited every year to perform at the Temple Terrace Arts and Crafts Festival, Relay For Life and elsewhere.

Our main goals are:

♦ To educate the community in this very beautiful art of dance.
♦ To promote individuality of artistic expression offering classical and contemporary ballet and modern dance pieces during our performances.
♦ To provide solid training in Classical Ballet which will serve all those wishing to achieve the highest level possible and the ability to pursue careers in dance, as well as to provide all students with valuable lessons in goal-setting and personal achievement which will transcend to achievement in any career path that they may eventually choose.
♦ To create future fans of the art of dance and thus a culture of classical ballet.

Diverse Performing Experiences:

While our primary focus is on a Classical Ballet Curriculum designed to develop students to the highest level, we also place a premium on the joy of dance for students of all ages, abilities and personal goals. In addition to structured Ballet classes offered to take students from first steps to professional caliber performance quality, we also create opportunities for all to experience the magic and fun of being a part of a dance production. Our Ballet Theatre program provides students with experience in the dramatic and comedic aspects of dance performance through the study of pantomime and character development. They also get opportunities to perform dances in a wide range of styles from Classical and Contemporary Ballet and Modern Dance to Musical Theatre and Broadway themed numbers.

The Dance Ensemble performing group provides additional opportunities for more dedicated dancers to achieve an elevated level of performance through focused study of more demanding choreography for solos, duets and small groups. 

Our Recital Programs range from modest offerings to demonstrate technical proficiency, to more elaborate Dance Productions including our (abridged) versions of Full-Length Classical Story Ballets such as Swan Lake, Sleeping Beauty, Coppélia, and Cinderella, to more whimsical stagings such as Gaité Parisiènne, What Frozen Things Do In Florida (a "Frozen" - themed production). We always get rave reviews from our audiences not only for the quality of dance on display, but for the entertainment value to all audience members, as well as the manner in which we incorporate the younger students into the productions to be an integral part of our shows (our Mice, Ponies, Cats, Birds and Bunnies were very important contributors to the magic and warmth of our Cinderella storyline).

This Spring we will present perhaps our most diverse sampling of styles in a newly created production entitled, "Cirque Fantastique", with a theme based on the traditional circus with animal acts, aerialists, clowns and sideshow artists, as well as the more modern, avant-garde style circus performers. In addition to presenting a wide range of dance styles, this production will feature special effects, innovations, oddities, comedy, romance, conflict, controversy, and live musical performances. The performance will be at USF Theatre I, May 15, 5pm and is free to the public. For ticket info contact: lee@templeterraceballet.com.

High Quality Program, Cost-Effective Pricing:

We are not a 'Competition School', where families typically spend $10,000.00 -$20,000.00 per year for classes, choreography, private coaching, competition fees, travel and lodging, etc.. But we beat all competitors when it comes to pricing for lessons, costumes, and performance fees. As part of the Temple Terrace Family Recreation Complex we are able to keep our class tuition costs down - particularly for Rec. Center members. And members enjoy the advantages and amenities of the complex's athletic facilities, sports programs and specialty classes. And while most dance schools charge $70.00 and more per costume (yielding a closet full of costumes usually worn for one recital and one Halloween before outgrowing it), we have an extensive stock of beautiful costumes available for a low rental fee.    

Going Strong and Growing Soon:

We are in our 24th year and have enjoyed a consistent, yet modest enrollment of 'budding ballerinas'. As a small school, small class size has been advantageous to providing more individual focus to all students and to allow more dedicated students to advance rapidly. This also has provided opportunities for younger dancers to get featured roles. Thus, our program should be very enticing to beginning students of all ages to receive quality training at reasonable costs, as well as to experienced dancers new to the area or wishing to get opportunities for featured roles in major Classical Ballets. And soon there will be more reason for our present participants to celebrate, and newcomers to want to join us: The Temple Terrace Family Recreation Complex has initiated plans to remodel the facility, part of which is to create larger, upgraded dance studios!!! Our families are all excited at this prospect and look forward to welcoming new students to our program. Come grow with us! Contact us for more information about enrolling in classes or coming in for a free trial class.     


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            Providing quality ballet instruction in Tampa and the surrounding communities since 1992.  

Location: Temple Terrace Family Recreation Complex 6610 Whiteway Dr., Temple Terrace, FL 33617

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